Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So we have finally decided that we are just going to move to North Carolina to wait with Luke to be stationed somewhere...I just hope that they just have him stay there so that we wouldn't have to move again! We are hoping that we can still get reimbursed for our move since we have not been given orders to move, if not then that's ok....next time we move we can be compensated because we will have a better idea of what we are doing! I just hope that we can stay there in Fayetteville long enough for me to finish up my dental hygiene program that I still haven't applied for so who knows if I would even get in on time. I am hoping to start Fall 2011...this fall I am going to be taking 5 classes or so just to be able to apply for it! It is going to be an intense semester but in the long run it would be totally worth it!!

The kids ask me everyday to see their daddy and to go to the pool with daddy....it just breaks my heart a little each time they ask and I have to tell them that in a week and a half they will see him but they never understand that. Aitius asks for daddy every night before going to bed and I just hate it that they have gone so long without seeing him but it really is going to be here before we know it!! June 30th is when we are driving out! It is going to be about a 2 day trip driving about 10 hours a day!! Luckily though, I will have my mom and her friend to help me out with the long drive!! Oh I am so not looking forward to that but I am looking forward to be able to see Luke everyday!! During the week he can only come home for dinner and he has to go back to the barracks but on the weekend he can stay the night with us. This craziness has to happen right now because he is not stationed anywhere so they have to keep track of him as much as possible. Once he is stationed he will be able to sleep at home everynight which would be great for me and the kids!! well till next time.....

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