Thursday, June 10, 2010

Still waiting

So for those of you who knows my family, we are still waiting for Luke to get his unit assigned to him! I feel like we have been waiting for months and months but really, I think we have been waiting for a month maybe a month and a half. Yeah it is no fun not knowing where in the world he will be station because I just want to move closer to him already! The kids have not seen him for 3 months now and they are starting to complain about it. But I have to admit, they are doing way better than me! I'm just trying to hang in there and some days are better than others.

Well I guess maybe I should do an introduction of our family, I really have never done this before but I figured it would be a good way to get things off my chest. So Luke and I met in high school and I guess you could call us high school sweethearts but we dated on and off for years before we finally settled down. Even then it was not like things came easy for us. We had a kid before getting married, her name is Savannah, she is 3 and an excellent dancer!! I have never ever regretted having her before getting married!! She is such a great little girl!! Oh and Luke and I have been married for 3 and a half years!! Man how time flies!! So then when Vannah was about 4 months old I got pregnant with Aitius and he is 2 and a half now and he is such a cute little kid!! I really love my little family so much and I wish Luke could be a part of it already!! The army is so slow in stationing him! He hasn't lived with us since October 2009!! So 8 months now!!! WOW! How I hate that with a passion. But the army has done Luke a whole lot of good, I would not regret our decision in him going! It literally saved out marriage so for that I will always be thankful and also for the fact that it has provided for us in every way possible!! Well enough for now....till next time!

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